Monday, September 30, 2013

Mobster Quick sketch and Paint up

So I decided to start posting again because I feel like I have learned some new things.  I haven't been doing anything special, I just have been putting in drawing time.  I wanted to post my original sketch and then a quick PS paint up.  I can't say enough about copying other people. I don't trace what they do but I just try to draw their characters and I sorta create a library in my mind of the little things they do.  Maybe it's nose shapes, body shapes, swooping lines... you name it!  two people that I have been following and stealing from are: 
I love her stuff!!!!!!!!!  The shapes and gesture she puts into her sketches are so great.  So a big shout out to her.
This guy's name is Ido.  Wow, his use of color and value is amazing.  His use of shape blows my mind as well.  

This idea came to my head when I was playing video games.   I sorta pictured an old Ren and Stimpy character.  I mostly just thought a jelly bean shape with a funny nose and then I quickly sketched it out. I decided I didn't want him to be a fat fairy/cupid/creepo.  So I made him a weird mobster.  Anyway, I don't know if anyone is ever going to read this but if it helps in any way I am glad!  Cheers dooooods.

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