Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More poses sonny boy!

I started getting frustrated today because I couldn't take a character and make him fit into a pose.  I realized that I need to keep going on poses!  So I did.   If you guys haven't seen that is a great site to get all angles of some great poses.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hey Hey!  So I am going to start drawing again.  Well, actually posting things.  It's been a while.  I got the Pose Book Mobile app by Stephen Silver because I was curious.  These are some quick sketches I did of some of the poses from the App.  Overall, I like the app. I think that its very simple and easy to use.  I think there could be a lot more unique poses in there.  What I like most about the app is that there are small videos from Stephen that show his process on posing his character.  Overall, I definitely think its worth the money.  I also love to support ambitious artists like Stephen Silver.  He is fantastic and very inspiring.