Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Whistle Danggggit!!!!!

 So I drew the first face that came to mind and it looked like this:

So then I got the idea of how funny it would be if this guy was trying to whistle?  I was reading this Gesture Drawing for Animation book, by Walt Stanchfield, and he said to make every drawing have emotion and movement.  In other words make it feel alive.  So I decided to try to put this dude in a pose:

 After I did this I felt like it flowed but didn't really have anything unique about it, I felt like my shapes weren't anything special.  So then I did this:

 This one felt really stiff so I decided to make really great shapes and flow:

 After showing my friend Allen he reminded me that I had lost my original gesture!  so I just learned that I need to just draw it right the first time! haha..... not gonna happen.  Anyway, I came out with this last one. I feel much better about it. I feel like I didn't compromise shape but I got much better gesture.  So I learned that keeping my drawing alive involves having nice shapes but also NEEDS GESTURE!  Anyway, cheers duders

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