Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 7

Ok so I decided to take one of gestures from my last post and render it out. It was a good try... but no cigar! haha I still cant get those blasted hips right. Mel Milton helped me sort that out. I think Im starting to get it... But I had such a great time with this drawing. It was so fun to just create a small little story and draw it. Mel helped me see the flow of this drawing and where it gets stuck in places losing its energy. I wanted the lil guy to have the upper hand and clearly the lines of action dont portray that he has the upper hand. So next time I draw something I want to look at the idea as a whole and make sure my composition is portraying the most important parts of the drawing. Its the same concept when Im animating. I need to take the most important part and make it as power, clear, and simple as possible. For Narnia!

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